NEOXTRANSITIONS Performance Sunwear

Your sunwear needs to reflect your individuality and meet the needs of your active lifestyle.

The NEOX Transitions performance sun lenses provide you with advanced optics to give you visual clarity like never before. The lenses adjust to accommodate changing light conditions and your endurance, taking you from bright daylight into nightfall. Also, minor adjustments in the terrain will be clearer, giving you better reaction time and improving your performance.

No matter what your outdoor passion may be, you will experience improved comfort and performance. NEOX Transitions performance sun lenses are as dynamic as you.


photochromics and how do they work?

NEOX Transitions performance sun lenses are photochromic. These lenses contain photochromic molecules that react to the amount of UV (sunlight) available. The more UV light, the darker the lenses become. As UV light lessens, the lenses fade back to their original light tint.


Transitions photochromic sun lens technology:

  • Extended wear – adjusts degree of darkness
  • Enhanced vision – optimized lens color
  • Protection – blocks 100 % of UV rays


Neox lens technology:

  • Increased depth perception – clearly see terrain changes
  • Better distance vision – easily track the flight of your ball or see what's ahead of you
  • Superior clarity – clearer contour on the greens, trails, road or court



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